Thursday, 1 January 2009

December Mothing - 8

To help me see the New Year in, a few moths paid a visit!

A couple of previously recorded Noctuids were flitting around: Heliothis punctifera and Agrotis radians.

(Click images to enlarge)

No. 1. Uresiphita ornithopteralis

CRAMBIDAE : Pyraustinae

No. 2. I think this is Barea sp. possibly Barea confusella

OECOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae

No. 3. I'm pretty sure this is Doratifera casta (the caterpillars of which I have photographed)


No. 4. I'm not sure if this belongs to a moth or not but I found two attached to a Casuarina sapling yesterday. It might belong to a Notodontid of some description.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to include this little pest! :-)
No. 5 Helicoverpa punctigera
NOCTUIDAE : Heliothinae

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