Thursday, 29 January 2009

January Mothing - 6

Hot! Who said it was hot! 39 deg. C in the shade at noon yesterday and again today!

A few moths photographed on 26th and 27th. I went to bed early last night but as Duncan mentioned, it's going to be too hot to sleep over the next few days and provided there is no wind here, I will probably be mothing again tonight!

(Click images to enlarge)

No. 1. Iphierga euphragma


Unfortunately, this is a less than satisfactory image. The sheet began to billow as I tried to record this moth. It didn't hang around for a second attempt! :-)

No. 2 I think this might be Spectrotrota fimbrialis

PYRALIDAE : Epipaschiinae

No. 3 Southern Old Lady

Dasypodia selenophora

NOCTUIDAE : Catocalinae

No. 4 Wingia aurata

OECOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae

No. 5 Hellula hydralis

CRAMBIDAE : Glaphyriinae

No. 6 Hypobapta sp (female and male, I think)

GEOMETRIDAE : Geometrinae

Although this moth looks very much like Hypobapta diffundens and I would have called it H. diffundens until I read that species has a wingspan of only 2cm. My larger moth had a static winspan of at least 5cm.

Enquiries pending! :-)

UPDATE: I have received advice that Hypobapta diffundens has a small wingspan (thanks Donald) although images I found of this species appeared to match my moth better than my first identification choice of Hypobapta percomptaria which is a much larger moth, so it's possible my moths are H. percomptaria.

No. 7

I think this has to be Clania ignobilis. I photographed the larval case of the Faggot Case Moth not so long ago.


Duncan described his "Psych" as demented! I will describe mine as maniacal! :-)

I have found almost no good images of this clearwing species of Case Moth so am not prepared to call the species. Help required! :-)

No. 8 UPDATE: Probably Mythimna convecta (Common Armyworm) (Thanks for the research MH)
NOCTUIDAE : Hadeninae


No. 9 - a striking moth
UPDATE: This moth is likely to be Dysbatus sp.
GEOMETRIDAE : Ennominae (Thanks again MH)

No. 10


Duncan said...

Nice lot of moths JL, I like that little Wingia. Any chance you could get into the Great Western cellars to beat the heat? Plenty of cool drinks there too. ;-)

Junior Lepid said...

I like the Wingia too, Duncan. A colourful, elegant moth.

Nah - too many hot and smelly tourists for my liking! I'll just grin and bear it here :-)