Saturday, 10 January 2009

January Mothing - 2

More moths coming to light over the past week.

With assistance from Donald Hobern, I was able to put names to faces on Moths 1 and 2! :-)

(Click to enlarge images)

No. 1 Another Snout Moth - Pernattia pusilla

No. 2 Heteromicta pachytera
PYRALIDAE : Galleriinae

No. 3 A very pale version of Dissomorphia australiaria (Thanks for confirmation, MH!)

No. 4 Epiphyas sp. Possibly Epiphyas postvittana

No. 5 - an interesting little moth measuring all of 1.5cm antennae inclusive!
I think it might belong to the family LECITHOCERIDAE

As usual, entries subject to correction from those much more experienced than I am. :-)

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