Saturday, 31 January 2009

Last of the January 2009 Moths

What a stinking week we've had in Victoria! Trains across Melbourne at a virtual standstill and massive power outages in the middle of one of the hottest weeks on record. Living far away from the city has its merits. although temperatures here were well above 40deg C, we had no power outages here.

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No. 1 Endoxyla encalypti

No. 2 Araeopaschia sp
PYRALIDAE : Epipaschiinae

No. 3 Leucania diatrecta
NOCTUIDAE : Hadeninae


No. 4
Possibly GEOMETRIDAE : Ennominae (to be confirmed)
UPDATE: This is Sterictopsis argyraspis
GEOMETRIDAE : Geometrinae (Thanks for the tip, MH)
No. 5 I love this little moth. All of 1cm in length.
UPDATE: This might be Clania lewinii


I would like to thank Marilyn, Wendy and Donald Hobern for their assistance with identifications.

Also, without excellent sites like Donald Hobern's and Mosura's, identification of many of the moths I have photographed would have been virtually impossible. Thank you, Donald and Mosura.


Denis Wilson said...

Glad you did not melt, and managed to avoid blackouts.
Your moths are great.
Would you pls check out David's Focus on Nature
He has a huge moth, which I think is probably the same as your top one. You are more experienced in these things than I am.

Junior Lepid said...

Melt? Melting now!! :-) The s/westerly change lasted about 30 seconds and it's now back up to 40deg in the shade!!!

I will check David's site, Denis, and help if I can.

Ian McMillan said...

No. 4 looks like a species of Sterictopsis, perhaps (Geometrinae).

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Ian,

I had it identified as Sterictopsis argyraspis
(thanks to Marilyn - per the update.)