Thursday, 31 January 2008


Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)
sunning itself on Pittosporum

Australian Painted Lady feeding
on Buddleia

Spotted Jezebel (Delias aganippe) resting on Melaleuca.
The host food plant, mistletoe, is present
but I have not seen eggs or lavae.

Caper White (Belenois java)
feeding on Sage

Caper White feeding on
Westringia fruticosa

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Meal Moth (Pyralis farinalis)

I found a large number of these moths in my aviaries during breeding season.
Regardless of its status as an annoyance, I think it's pretty and I appreciate
the difference in colour from male to female.

Vine Moth (Phalaenoides glycinae)

Great Western is a renowned wine district and this moth
the bane of viticulturists! It's safe with me, however!
A striking moth.


Common Grass-blue
(Feeding on Helicbrysum italicum - Curry Plant)

Spotted Jezebel
(Feeding on Westringia fruticosa - Wynyabbie Gem)

Australian Painted Lady

Cabbage White
(Resting on Pittosporum eugenioides 'Variegartum'.)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


This is an up to date list of butterfly
host food plants appearing in my garden.

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Page 2

Page 3

I will be including a list of grasses and sedges later.


Butterfly: Month: Day: Number:

Yellow Admiral August 29th 1
Australian Painted Lady August 29th 1 to 5
Sept. 3rd 1
4th 1
Nov. 10th 1
30th 1
Dec. 1st 1
11th 1
Two-spotted Line Blue August 10th 1 to 10
29th 1 to 10
30th 1 to 10
Sept. 4th 1 to 4
Saltbush Blue August 27th 1
Cabage White August 29th 1
(Small numbers constant from August)
Caper White October 19th 2
31st 1
Nov. 1st 1
10th 2
20th 1
Spotted Jezebel Sept. 7th 1
9th 2
Oct. 8th 1
Common Grass Blue Nov. 18th Common
Dec. Common

Monday, 28 January 2008


Utetheisa pulchelloides (Heliotrope Moth)

I saw this small moth for the first time yesterday. (27/1/2008) It was flying frequently, landing on some pansies, among other plants. At about 4.15pm, I took this shot of it feeding on Apple Mint (LABIATAE:- Mentha Rotundifolia)

Butterflies and Climate Change

Are Butterfly numbers diminishing due to climate change?

Are there other reasons for their decline?

I believe they are declining in my area of Victoria.

It would be a catastrophe if we lost all but a handful of species
by the middle of this century.

Obviously, habitat loss and increase in temperature will be factors
affecting survival of Australia's butterfly populations.

Spotted Jezebel

Spotted Jezebel (Wood White or Red-spotted Jezebel)