Thursday, 18 June 2009

June Moths

Winter is here and the moths have been few and far between. Here are a few that have landed on the porch wall. I may be insane, but not insane enough to sit under the clothes line observing a sheet slowly absorbing moisture from the cold night air! :-) My sheet and light have been packed away until September or October, depending on weather conditions.

No.1 Oxycanus antipoda again

No. 2. I suspect this might be Tortricopsis species.
It was approximately 1cm in length.
Oecophoridae : Oecophorinae

UPDATE: I've been checking this moth again and I think it could be a species of Tortricid as the palps are projected directly in front of the head rather than sickle-shaped and/or upturned as with some Oecophorids.

No. 3. Capusa species - propably Capusa senilis again.
Geometridae : Ennominae

No. 4. This moths flopped in front of me as I was stalking fungi.
It could either be Psilosticha mactaria or Philotis cognata. I am
leaning towards the former because of the scalloped hindwings, which
is characteristic of Psilosticha mactaria.
Geometridae: Ennominae

UPDATE (11/1/11) this moth is identified as Ectropis fractaria.