Thursday, 22 January 2009

January Mothing - 4

A few selections from a couple of recent mothing sessions - despite millions of very annoying small insects, including mosquitoes! :-)

(Click images to enlarge)

No. 1

Identification of this Plume Moth is pending.

UPDATE: This is Stangeia xerodes. (Thank you, Donald.)


No. 2

This is possibly Thrincophora sp. It is similar to a moth I photographed last December that Donald Hobern helped with identification as Thrincophora signigerana.


No. 3

I suspect this is Placocosma resumptella
OECOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae

No. 4

Probably Hellula hydralis

CRAMBIDAE : Glaphyriinae

No. 5

A more normal looking Dissomorphia australiaria compared to the pale orange looking example I photographed earlier in the month!


No. 6

Maroga melanostigma (Fruit-tree Borer)

OECOPHORIDAE : Xyloryctinae

No. 7

I think this is probably the Case/Bag Moth Lomera boisduvalii

No. 8 Tanyzancia argutella
OCEOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae

No. 9

A Noctuid, perhaps?

UPDATE: Probably Dasygaster padockina (thanks MH)
NOCTUIDAE: Hadeninae

(Grid - 1 square = 1cm)


Denis Wilson said...

I have also had a "borer" type of moth, I believe. Not the same as yours, but obvious similarities. Its on my blog tonight.
You have done well with the names. Unfortunately I have been too busy to ID mine, but I felt I needed to post them while still topical.
Hot and sticky nights really bring out the Moths up here.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks, Denis

My "Borer" is quite a large moth. 2 or 3 came in again last night.

When I have a bit more time, I will "try" to help you with your IDs. Failing that, you know where to go for some pretty accurate advice!! :-)