Wednesday, 31 December 2008

December Mothing - 7

The last of the mothing for 2008 ended on a good note when I was lucky enough to spot this cup moth in a juvenile eucalypt.

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No. 1. Doratifera quadriguttata

No. 2. This one came to light and I think it's the same species as No.1 although it has more than 4 spots on wing.

No. 3. This may or may not be Cup Moth eggs covered in 'fur'!

I'm keeping a eye out for caterpillars on the tree. None that I can see yet.

No. 4. This is a very grey example of the Triangular Moth. I think it is Epidesmia chilonaria as the wing margins are distinctly white as well as the line across the wings.
GEOMETRIDAE : Oenochrominae

No. 5. Another Case/Bag Moth casing - past it's 'use by' I think.
This may be the Common Leaf Case Moth - Hyalarcta huebneri.

I am noticing the Case Moths I've found so far are on young eucalypt regrowth around 2 to 3 years of age.


Happy New Year to all who visit this Blog. I wish you well for 2009.


Denis Wilson said...

Nice Cup Moths. Watch out for the catrpillars. Little buggers can sting the unwary.
Happy 2009 to you JL.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Denis,

As a rule, I don't touch my subjects! :-)

It's interesting how many urticating caterpillars are out there. Some adults too. I think the Bag Shelter Moths can zap you as well. :-)