Sunday, 7 December 2008

White On White

The flowering parsley is attracting a number of insects and I couldn't let an opportunity like this go by unrecorded.

This is a White Crab/Flower spider - Thomisus spectabilis enjoying a Cabbage White meal!

Typically, they go for the neck and that's exactly what this one did when despatching the butterfly.

I hope to be able to keep an eye on this one because they tend to stay put once they've found a good spot.

(Click to enlarge)


Mosura said...

That's a great catch. I'm sure the spider thinks so too. Your parsley is certainly productive. I just went and checked ours in the front yard. Not a thing on it. I did discover a stack of garlic needing harvested. Maybe the garlic was keeping the beasties away.

Denis Wilson said...

Fantastic shot, there JL.
Nicely observed about the spider going for the neck. I had never thought that far about it.
PS Title very artistic.

Boobook said...

I didn't think Cabbage White's stayed around long enough to be caught! Good shot Junior.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Mosura, Denis and Boobook,

Mosura check your parsely around midday! I began my garlic harvest yesterday and caught a little Orb Weaver amid the leaves!!

Denis, they are cunning little hunters! It's still in situ this morning, by the way.

Boobook, I'd imagine it won't be the only butterfly this little spider grabs! It's in a spot where I can keep a fair eye on it. Lots of Cabbage Whites and Common Grass Blues in the area, too.