Friday, 5 December 2008

4th Ladybird Species

..........and possibly a 5th! :-)

These are far from good images, taken one-handed as I tried to steady the parsley flower heads against the constant wind yesterday. I wanted some sort of 'recognisable' images for my records, because these tiny beasties might not be around when the wind eventually abates.
Both species approximately 2.5 to 3mm (maybe!)

The first 2 photos I believe may be of Diomus notescens or the "Minute Spotted Ladybird"
Family: Coccinellidae
(Click to enlarge)

This one is taken against my hand. Blame the wind for that! :-)
I "think" it might be Archegleis sp. There is so little information about distribution and approximate size out there, I am guessing with this one. It was about the same size - maybe a bit smaller than Diomus notescens.

Family: Coccinellidae


Duncan said...

On a roll JL, number 5 coming up? :-)

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Ducan,

When this wind eventually decides to move down your way :-) I will take my camera and magnifying class into the bush near here and see what I can find. :-)

Mosura said...

2nd one is quite interesting.

Archegleis range from 4.2- 6.8mm.

Which Archegleis sp are you comparing it to?

Junior Lepid said...

Mosura, I know the size for Archegleis is way out of the ballpark, but it is similar to A. barronensis, in my opinion - as illustrated on the ladybird site.

It might not even be a Ladybird. I am seeing a few of them in about the same location daily during the past week.

Anonymous said...

I think the "Archegleis sp." might actually be something in the family Dermestidae - looks very similar to some flower-feeding species we have here in the U.S.

Nice pics.