Saturday, 13 December 2008

December Mothing - 3

A selection of moths coming to the light recently.

(Click to enlarge)

No. 1
Possibly Proteuxoa sp.
Subfamily: Amphipyrinae

No. 2 Static wingspan - 4cm.
Triangular Moth
Epidesmia sp. (Probably Epidesmia hypenaria -thanks MH!)
GEOMETRIDAE : Oenochrominae
No. 3
Pyralis farinalis in typical position. This one showing green on wings as opposed to the fawn version in previous December Mothing entry.

No. 4 Pyralid
No. 5 - quite a small moth
UPDATE: Phrissogonus laticostata (female)
GEOMETRIDAE : Larentiinae (Thanks to MH)
No. 6 - about 2cm in length


Duncan said...

that pyralid is a nice moth JL, haven't had one here.

Junior Lepid said...

I like their colour too, Duncan. I get my fair share. A couple of aviaries with vegetation may possibly be responsible! :-)