Sunday, 28 September 2008


A couple of beetles got in on the act last night as I attempted some serious mothing. It was unusually warm and still till about 9.30pm when everything went pear-shaped as a strong south-westerly wind came roaring in.

I did manage a few moths and will post images as soon as I try to identify them.

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I think this is the African Black Beetle (Heteronychus arator) as it was quite smooth compared to a cousin, Adoryphoris coutonii. There is another way to distinguish between the two but the angle of this photo does not permit. Neither have a particularly good reputation around the horticultural traps! :-)

"Shall We Dance?"

This one crawled onto my mothing sheet. I am unable to identify it after wading through several sites including CSIRO, so if anyone knows, please advise. It might not even be a member of the Scarab family.

UPDATE: (Thanks Mosura.) CSIRO's description seems to fit this beetle like a glove. It is most likely to be Ormogus sp (Family: Trogidae)

Duncan can have his Carrion Beetles, I will enjoy my Carcass Beetles! :-)


Mosura said...

Nice beetles!

For the second one, Omorgus sp perhaps. (Family Trogidae.)

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks for that, Mosura. I will have a bit of a search through the Trog family! "-)

Duncan said...

At my age I don't want any of these things hanging around me. ;-)

Junior Lepid said...

LOL, you're not alone with that thought, Duncan! It wouldn't be a good look if a mothing night should go awfully wrong :-)