Friday, 26 September 2008

A Moth, Caterpillar And A Spider

Well, at long last, some moths are starting to come in!

It was a warm night and the vinegar flies were on the wing.

I really don't know what this moth is, but it did behave like a a member of the family Tineodidae.

About 1.5cm in length, it's wings appeared to be held out at right angles and it held it's body up from the substrate. Simple antennae held at an angle from the head and it's forewings were pointed.

(Above information sourced from "A Guide To Australian Moths" by Paul Zborowski and Ted Edwards.)

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I will check further when time allows.

Again, no idea what species this caterpillar belongs to. It's probably a pest.

It was one of about three I saw last night feeding on Poa labillardieri. It was approximately 3cm in length. When disturbed, it drops into the plant.

I had a good look through Don Herbison-Evans site (link on right of page) but couldn't immediately identify it. More homework required - unless somebody is familiar with it. Mosura? :-)

I think Mosura can take a bow! His excellent post on Eriophora pustulosa taught me to be a little more observant.

When I took this shot yesterday at around 1pm, I was almost tempted to look at Uloboridae because of the rather untidy web. This was one of about 3 spiders of the same species I saw all co-habitating in and around a few webs on the tree. Also, these spiders were active during the day, which, on reflection, is unlike any Eriophora species I have observed. Approximate length - 1cm.

It was only when I had the image enlarged on my computer screen that I noticed the projections on the abdomen which seem to indicate it's probably Eriophora pustulosa.


Mosura said...

Well I definitely won't be bowing, not least because I may have trouble straightening back up :-)

No ideas on the moth but I would agree the spider seems like Eriophora pustulosa

Duncan said...

Sounds like another bloke with a dodgy back JL, Join the club Mosura.