Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Review Of Sorts

Yesterday, I picked up my copy of "Spiderwatch - A Guide To Australian Spiders" by Bert Brunet. (2008 Edition) It is available from

I had a quick look through it and am quite impressed. It's easy to digest for the rank amateur such as myself but would be suitable to the more advanced entomologist too. It's well illustrated with colour photos and drawings as well as identification guides.

It's full of good stuff including spider classification, anatomy, reproduction and where to find their favourite hiding places. I learnt that according to Brunet, Sparassids have been reclassified as Heteropodidae.

I believe it is a worthy addition to my entomology library.


Mosura said...

Is it a new and revised edition of 2008 or a printing date of 2008?

I'm asking as I can only find reference to a 2000 edition including on the csiro site and I already have that.

Junior Lepid said...

Revised edition apparently, Mosura.

Duncan said...

Thanks for the tip JL.