Saturday, 15 March 2008

True Bugs

UPDATE 20/3/2008

The fence post was inundated with Cottonseeds.


UPDATE 17/3/2008

I saw another smaller swarm on the same fence post yesterday.

Family: Lygaeidae
Cottonseed Bug (Oxycarenus luctuosus)

A week or so ago, I found this swarm of bugs emerging from a crack in a fence post. They were minute in size and I probably wouldn't have noticed them but for the blood red bodies of the nymphs.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Junior Lepid
Denis Wilson, from The Nature of Robertson here. I noticed your name pop up on Gaye's blog.
Nice Blog.
I agree with your decision to post photos of a butterfly laying eggs, even if a bit blurry. It is the event you are recording, even if the image is not quite as you would wish it to be. The event is worth recording.
Keep up the good work, and I hope your heat wave ends soon. It has been mild and moist over here on the NSW coastal escarpment, but the heat has gone as far as Canberra (where I have been twice this week). It was 35 degrees at 5:00pm last evening.
Best wishes.


Junior Lepid said...

Hello and welcome, Denis

Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Sometimes, it's so important to grab a photo - even if only used for identification purposes. Under pressure, I can't be fussed about technically correct lighting or mucking around with settings when the subject is probably only available for 30 seconds!

Today is a bit cooler, about 31deg but another 3 or 4 days of heat are on the cards.

I'm off to have a look at your site now!