Wednesday, 5 March 2008

DIARY - 5th March, 2008

Vanessa itea (Yellow Admiral)

I have one taunting me! I saw it mid-afternoon on Monday and yesterday, at about 4.30pm, it landed on the footpath close to a host food plant, Baby's Tears (Urticaceae). If butterflies could poke their tongues out or give a two-finger salute, this one would be doing just that - particularly when I am attempting to take a photo!

I will be doing regular inspections of some nearby grapevines from now until pruning. Insecticides are not used in this vineyard, nor the one next door, apparently. I was told by the viticulturist there is a lot of caterpillar activity after harvest up till pruning. Hopefully, I may find Hawk Moth caterpillars as I concentrate my inspection of those vines growing near native trees.

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