Friday, 7 March 2008


It's hatching time!

On Saturday, an egg mass contained in a dense brownish coloured web strung between two twigs of a small tree began moving. The spiderlings were cream with a dark stripe down the middle of the abdomen. I think they may be Orb-weavers (Araneidae.)

I have had the pleasure of sharing my evenings with a number of Garden Orb-weavers over the summer. Three days ago, however, they all disappeared. Either one very hungry noctural predator took the lot or they have deposited their eggs on some foliage near their web sites (although I am yet to find them) and subsequently died.

The egg mass on my hanging geranium began hatching late yesterday afternoon (see Unidentified Cocoons for photo.) The spiderlings are black with a white U-shape on the abdomen. A very large number of spiderlings were active this morning.

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