Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Caterpillars

Since hatching began on the 17th and 18th March, I can't find any! There is negligible damage to the citrus and new shoots are not being touched!

I suspect the heat wave we had during the period Papilio anactus laid and the eggs hatching is responsible for such mortality. I don't believe any natural predation to be the sole cause of their disappearance.

It's possible Papilio anactus could still be active until May, but I doubt there will be another breeding event in my garden this year.


Boobook said...

Hi Junior
I'm enjoying your blogs. Keep them coming.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello boobook and welcome.

I've just been to your site and will add a link.

That dust storm last Wednesday was a doozy and my northerly and easterly windows match yours! I'm on tank water here and so far, there's still plenty, so I have no excuse!

Thank you for your comments. There was not much activity for a couple of days after the dust storm, but the last few days have seen insects returning to my garden.