Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lynx Spider

I'm taking a wild stab here but I think this is a Lynx. (Family Oxyopidae)
This one is quite pale, about 1.3cm and has obvious spines on the legs.

(Click image to enlarge)

I will keep my eye on her and hopefully, be in a position to take a shot of the spiderlings when they hatch.


Gaye said...

hi, and I am so pleased that I have found your blog (by way of you first finding my nature blog).

I am interested in all things insect-like and creepy crawlie especially around my backyard.

I am currently keeping an eye on a Bird-dropping spider hoping to view the hatchlings. It has been hanging out in one of my shrubs for months. When I found it, it had 2 egg sacs, and it added to the clutch gradually, now having 5.

It stays clinging to them all day, everyday. It is an uncommon visitor to my backyard so it has been great to observe.

I will be a regular visitor to your site as you are sharing so much that will interest me.


Junior Lepid said...

Hello and welcome, Gaye.

I sent the link to your Blog to my sister wholives in Queensland. She and her husband are also very keen environmentalists.

I'm yet to find a Bird-dropping spider but I'm keeping my eye out for one.