Monday, 30 June 2008

Nothing Really!

I thought I would have a moth or two to photograph over the past few days, but no. The nights have been mild for this time of year and we really need rain again. Even the fungi wandered off!

The camera has been mobilised however. I found a frog!

The second Blog will be updated reasonably regularly whilst this one dips into a bit of a hiatus until the invertebrates begin to move again.

On Mosura's advice, I closely inspected the tagasaste for any evidence of caterpillar activity particularly in light of his recent entry on the Tree Lucerne Moth. Although some smaller branches appeared to be defoliated, there was regrowth, so the caterpillars have possibly been and gone.

While the weather is more springlike than winter, I guess I will just continue plucking capeweed from my lawns until I find some action somewhere! :-)


Mosura said...

Do you use some kind of light trap or the kitchen window? I put the trap out last night and got nothing and the night before got two new moths. It's hit and miss. The thing is though there are species flying in winter which you may not see at other times of the year so keep looking.

BTW that moth of mine turned out to be Paralaea porphyrinaria.

Junior Lepid said...

When it's cold, I use the kitchen light which lights up a white wall on the porch. This is where I've been doing most of my mothing and I can monitor activity from the comfort of a warm room.

I do have a blue light which I'll be using more as we head into summer.

Good news about your ID!

Gouldiae said...

Getting desperate JL, when the alternative to mothing is pulling capeweed!

Junior Lepid said...

Capeweed = bane, Gouldiae! :-)

Hate the stuff - particularly in the lawns. Having said that, it's a larval host plant for a few lepidoptera species - and there's plenty for them in the paddocks!