Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Late June Moth!

I found this moth yesterday on the doorstep.
As it was still alive, I moved it to a piece of wood.

This photo is not good. I may have a better one still to be loaded onto my computer.

I have no idea what it is yet. It might be a Pyralid of some description.
It was approximately 2.5cm in length.

Pectanate antennae.

The hindwing is fawn/grey with small spots and brown margin.

UPDATE: Nisista (most likely serrata)
Geometridae (Ennominae)


Mosura said...

Not sure what you have there but I like the face in the third shot.

Sorry about the Crypsiphona ocultaria ID earlier on. For some reason I didn't notice your "update" where you had already ID's it.

I'll have to give this blogging thing a go. I jusr set one up. I have resisted for years. I used to have a web site on Tasmanian Lepidoptera but gave up on it as there was little interest. It's good to see there are some moth-ers about.

Junior Lepid said...

I've included a link to your blog in my sidebar, mosura. I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot from you.

Please keep in touch and if you see any mistakes here, please correct me.

Duncan said...

Love those face shots!

Mosura said...

I have a cunning plan that in no time at all you'll be helping me. In the world of the amateur naturalist we all have something to offer.

Oh and thanks linking to my new blog. I would reciprocate except I already did that yesterday :-)

Junior Lepid said...

I hope the face may help with an ID, Duncan!

mosura, I'm sure we'll all be learning from each other. I'm a complete novice and have a long way to go to catch up with Duncan, yourself and others but it's something I'm looking forward to.