Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It Must Be Winter!

My photography has gone to the dogs! Not much around at the moment but what there is, I'm managing to muck up. I got a few shots of another little mollusc yesterday but alas, they are far from good.

I guess I will just have to practice on the Sulphur-crested cockatoos as they wreck my olive and cypress trees. I do look at their damage as a form of pruning but the litter I have to clear away is incredible. I'm sure cockatoos become really bored at certain times of the year, ergo, this vandalism is a type of therapy for them! Cypress seed cones and olives are probably on the menu to some extent but striping the tree tops does not lead to a good look!

The forecast is for a few showers today and tomorrow, so hopefully, a few moths may be around tonight - if the Bureau of Meteorology happens to be correct!

There are a few stragglers from a small flush of Common Grass-blue butterflies a couple of weeks ago and the odd Cabbage White is still hanging in there.

I hope I will find a few invertebrates to photograph during the winter months. Otherwise, this Blog will begin to look a little sad - and we cannot have that!

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