Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More On Mothing

The sheet has been the recipient of considerable activity over the past couple of weeks, mostly Crambids, Pyralids and several Noctuids I am unable to identify! They have been placed in my perennial pending file.

I had a bit of a reprieve last night but for a number of Hepialids coming to the porch light as we were receiving 23.5mm of rain.

This interesting little moth came into the porch last night. It is a species best known to the northwest of Victoria.

(Click to enlarge images)

Nolidae : Eariadinae
Earias huegeliana

This was a new moth for me also.
Crambidae : Pyraustinae
Antigastra catalaunalis

This is an old friend, Crypsiphona ocultaria.
It was perched on my sitting room window the
other morning in its splendour and I couldn't
resist taking the photo!
Geometridae : Geometrinae

Out-take: This shot illustrates the fun
us moth-ers have from time to time.
There's always somebody around to ruin
a good shot!

Oh and this female Dark Night Mole Cricket
caught my attention on Monday night. Isn't it cute? :-)
Maybe she knew some decent rain was on its way.
Gryllotalpa monanka
Orthoptera : Gryllotalpidae


Denis Wilson said...

Good to see a nice collection of Moths. I have been ignoring the tiny moths which have plagued me in recent weeks.
Tiny and seemingly insignificant.
Yours are nicer.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

I try to ignore them but sometimes you spy an interesting one worth further investigation.

I got another small one last night and do you think I can round it up? Nope!

I think I might have to pull the 'phone a friend' card on that one! :-)