Monday, 3 May 2010

The Variability of Fraus simulans

The more I become involved in the study of Australia's moths, the more fascinated I become.

Variability between species, such as the Geometrid, Ciampa arietaria has caused some confusion to this little moth-er in the past! This one's a doozy for playing with your head until you learn the giveaway characteristics of Ciampa arietaria.

Size within the same species has been fascinating too. Some caterpillars are better feeders than others, apparently!

Now we come to the complex world of the Hepialid.

I was recently asked to take Hepialid specimens for identification purposes. Of the 10 Fraus specimens I provided, I thought/hoped at least a couple would not be Fraus simulans!

The jury is back and bang goes the gavel. They were all Fraus simulans!

(Click images to enlarge)

Well, that's it for the variability of Fraus simulans - now for something completely different.

This is Fraus polyspila. Yay - a different Fraus species at last! :-)


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Denis Wilson said...

Nice to see your Moths.
I am constantly puzzled by the variability of my local Swift Moths (Oxycana sp)

Luuuuuua said...

f interesant blog,bravo