Monday, 22 March 2010

Catching Up With Mothing

It's been a while since I've done any blogging.

I am just getting my feet back on solid ground after recently finding out one option to divert the highway round the local town would give me a 4-lane freeway frontage! Of course, if this option becomes a reality, there is no way I would be able to live with that!

At this point, I am hoping the 3 of 4 options which are close to me - and the most expensive, will fall off the agenda when the final decision as to the new freeway location is made in a few months time.

Anyway, back to mothing!

Yesterday, my neighbour said as he was leaving "what's this one?'
The Anthelid was sitting on my path in broad daylight in almost the same position as the Golden Sun Moth I photographed last November.

(Click images to enlarge)

A very nice male.
Anthela denticulata

This is Araeopaschia species ovipositing on a wall.
Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae

This was a new moth for me.
Aglaopus species.
Thyrididae : Striglininae

Now that I have stopped hyperventilating for a bit over the freeway options likely to directly or indirectly impact upon my quiet enjoyment of this rural setting, which has been my home for 29 years, I might be able to keep this blog updated! :-)


Denis Wilson said...

Sorry to hear of your battle with the Council or the Country Roads mob (whatever they are called).
Dreadful the pain and anguish such decisions can cause the innocent rural landholder.
Best of luck with it.
Stunning black and white Anthelid.
Oh, and welcome back to Blogging. Missed your cheery posts.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

Yes, we have been pretty stressed since we found out about the proposal (on the grapevine) Vic Roads hadn't bothered to notify any affected landowners. I took them to task over that!

You will hear me in Robertson IF Vic Roads select the Option nearest my property!

Thanks for the welcome back too - it's appreciated.

I was lucky my neighbour spotted the Anthelid! I got one last year but not near the quality of this pretty fresh specimen.

Duncan said...

But just think of all the moths those car headlights would attract.....;-)
Seriously, hope you stay in seclusion.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Duncan,

I was thinking last night how I would be driven to the nut house very quickly, trying to moth at night with the constant barrage of noise - and fumes. Headlights, particularly from heavy transport would also be a problem, I suspect. It's too disgusting to contemplate.

Hopefully, Vic Roads will see reason! Cost is fundamental and 3 of the 4 options would cost them dearly, not only in compensation but also ferrying road material, railway bridge construction, etc.