Wednesday, 4 November 2009

November Mothing

A nice start to the month with a new species for me in the form of a Tiger Moth/Footman (Arctiidae)

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In this image, there is just a hint of a red hindwing.

This is one of my favourites, the Hawk Moth. Hippotion scrofa. My first encounter with this moth in February last year was with a darker specimen. They are nectar eaters and I am wondering if this one has been at my Jasmine which is in full flower! It had not elected to sit on the camelia. I wanted to check the hindwing colour (in this species, it's usually red) while it was resting on a timber beam but it wasn't in the mood for such an examination!
SPHINGIDAE : Macroglossinae

I'm almost certain this is Halone ophiodes. It is my first sighting of this moth. We've had some quite hot days over the past week which probably brought these two species into action.
ARCTIIDAE : Lithosiinae


Mosura said...

It's always a great feeling to get something new. It's not one we get here so I doubt I'll ever see one. (Especially since I have not put the moth trap out for 8 months or so)If the wind dies down I might put it out tonight.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Mosura!

Long time no see! Glad you are still around.

Yes, always a buzz identifying a new species. I'm finding the more I learn about moths, the better the buzz.

It's freezing here, so I won't be doing any serious mothing till the weather warms up. The Hawk and the Tiger were around the house. I think the Hawk might have come in to get away from the cold wind.

Denis Wilson said...

Back to your strength I see - Mothing, I mean!
Good on you.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

I hope to be on the orchid trail again shortly. It's freezing here at the moment so the 'sunnies' won't be doing much. It's dried out considerably as well.

Now, I'm off to see what you've been up to! :-)