Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November Mothing - 4

High temperatures (30s+) last week brough some new moths (for me) plus a few of the usual suspects.

Here are some of them.

(Click images to enlarge)

This is a new moth for me.
Sandava xylistis
Noctuidae : Hypeninae

This is a small moth less that 1cm in length.
Eublemma rivula
Noctuidae : Acontiinae

I think this is Chloroclystis filata. It had a wingspan of about 2cm.
Geometridae : Larentiinae

This one has proved difficult to identify absolutely.

In Janurary this year, I photographed Sterictopsis argyraspis but this one seems to have much darker zig-zag lines across the upper wing. If anyone can correctly identify it, I would be pleased.

Sterictopsis species
Geometridae : Geometrinae

Nacoleia rhoeoalis
Crambidae : Pyraustinae

(Boarmia) suasaria
Geometridae : Ennominae

I knew I was psychic! I just knew my Hypobapta percomptaria would be darker than Mosura's !! :-)

Geometridae : Geometrinae
Edit: This moth might be Hypobapta diffundens - not H. percomptaria.


Mosura said...

Wow you really are psychic! :-)

Some really interesting moths there. How did you ID the (Boarmia) suasaria ?

A couple their which we get in Tassie but which I have not personally seen (yet)

Junior Lepid said...

Told ya I was! :-)

(Boarmia) suasaria was identified by a mothing friend who is currently working on Geometrids for a future edition of "Moths of Victoria" booklet, Mosura.

I should have added that no genus is assigned.