Friday, 13 November 2009

November Mothing - 3

With temperatures in the 30's+ during this week and a couple of reasonably still nights, mothing has been productive. Here are a few from early in the week.

(Click images to enlarge)

NOCTUIDAE : Heliothinae
Helicoverpa punctigera

Dysbatus singularis

GEOMETRIDAE : Geometrinae
Hypobapta diffundens

Cryphaea xylina
UPDATE: I've received advice this moth might be Mimaglossa species.
Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae
CRAMBIDAE : Pyraustinae
Achyra affinitalis (light and dark forms)
A lovely chestnut form of Uresphita ornithropteralis
CRAMBIDAE : Pyraustinae
I'm pretty sure this is Eochrois callianessa.
There is a tinge of yellow on this moth where it should be.
OECOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae
This one is unidentified. If anyone knows what it is, I'd be very pleased to know. About 1.5cm in length.
Also, if I have made an error with other identifications, please let me know.


Mosura said...

Nice catch - I like that Cryphaea xylina. Not one we get here.

Junior Lepid said...

I thought it was pretty nice too, Mosura. Very docile. Let me pick it up off the screen I have around my light and put it on the sheet. Later in the evening one landed on my arm, so I managed to get a shot of the underwing.

If there's no wind, I'll be lighting up the back yard again tonight! :-)