Thursday, 13 November 2008

November Mothing Page 2

Last night was hot and humid so it would have been a pointless exercise going to bed at my normal time.

It was worth staying up late, listening to the Senate Question Time on the ABC while outside enjoying the night air! :-)

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No. 1. A common moth but I have not had the opportunity to photograph it till last night. Ochrogaster lunifer (the Processionary Caterpillar/Bag Shelter Moth) if I am not wrong and they can be quite variable in colour.
NOTODONTIDAE : Thaumetopoeinae
More Don't Knows

No. 2 was small - about 1cm
UPDATE: Order Tineidae (probably)

No. 3
This moth was larger.
Probably an Oecophorid. Possibly Agriophara sp.
No. 4.
Sort of looks like it has slightly hooked wingtips and measuring about 2.5cm
Probably a Geometrid
UPDATE: Geometridae : Oenochrominae - Taxeotis sp. Could be T. intextata
No. 5
About 1cm in length
UPDATE: No. 5 is the male form of Light Brown Apple Moth
Tortricidae: Epiphyas postvittana. (Thanks for your help, WM)
No. 6
Small moth.
No. 7 was a bit bigger
I'm not sure if this is a another Tortricid or not.
The palps do seem to be pointing forward in front of head and it does look a bit bell-shaped.
Perhaps this moth is the female Light Brown Apple Moth
Tortricidae: Epiphyas postvittana


Denis Wilson said...

Seems you and Mosura both had big nights of Mothing. Must have been the burst of hot weather. It hasn't hit us here, yet.
No 1 moth looks very fat.
Lots of familiar small moths, I see. Glad its not just me, who looks and wonders what they are.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Denis,

I like the small ones. Always get a buzz if I see one I haven't found before. I think it's important we record what we are seeing.

Donald Hobern said...

No. 4 is a geometrid, one of the species in the genus Taxeotis, perhaps Taxeotis intextata. I have some photos of this genus (with my best identifications) at

Best wishes,


Junior Lepid said...

Thank you, Donald.

I appreciate your input.

I'll have a look at your link.

Welcome to this blog.