Sunday, 9 November 2008

November Mothing - Page 1

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No. 1 Phalaenoides glycinae (the Vine Moth)

No. 2. Pretty sure this is Agrotis infusa (the Bogong) - in my haystack! :-)
ORDER: Noctuidae

No. 3 is a better shot of Monopsis ethelella
ORDER: Tineididae


The 'I don't knows' :-)

No.4. 1cm length
UPDATE: I've been going through the Leaf Rollers and Bell Moths (Tortricidae) trying to identify a moth I photographed last night (11/11)
I wonder if Moth 4 is a Tortricid?

No. 5 (Possibly another Noctuid)
Length - 2.5cm
UPDATE: Having gone through the slim information available on the Net, as a result of a tipoff from Mosura, I think this moth is probably Agrotis porphyricollis
NOCTUIDAE : Noctuinae

No. 6. Just over 1cm in length
Is this one a Tortricid as well?

No. 7 - 2.5cm in length

UPDATE: Thanks to info from Mosura - this moth could be Leucana stenographa
NOCTUIDAE : Hadeninae


Denis Wilson said...

Glad its not just me who sees "small brown moths"
Lovely photos of No: 1 and No 3. The Vine Moth looks more like a Butterfly than a Moth - just a comment, not a disputed ID. I have seen photos of it before.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

You are right, it's quite a colourful moth and a day flier so it would be easy for people to confuse it for a butterfly.

Most of what I have been getting at night are the littlies. Weather conditions have been rough here for a week, too cold for any serious mothing! :-)
We are in for a few 30deg+ days this week, so I might have more luck then.

Duncan said...

I got that Monopsis here the other night JL, now I know what the name is!!

Mosura said...

I've never had a Vine Moth here. What a beauty!

I reckon #7 is Leucania stenographa

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Duncan and Mosura,

Cute little thing, isn't it, Duncan? They don't like sitting still for long! :-)

Mosura, Leucana stenographa is apparently only known up north - in sugarcane country. I suppose it could be a vagrant.

Mosura said...

Have a look at the map on the link I posted above. It shows actual collections points. It's not supposed to be in Tasmania either but one was collected near Hobart.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks for that, Mosura. "All Leps"is a great site but I'm on dial-up and it takes forever to download. Generally, the map doesn't download at all.

I took my info from Don Herbison-Evans' useful reference site re. locations.

If one was found near Hobart, then it's probably L. stenographa. :-)