Monday, 27 October 2008

October Mothing - 2

What a surprise last night! This moth came to the porch light.
I nearly missed it altogether. It was so white, it virtually disappeared into its surroundings. The photo is not particularly good because it was shot white on white and also the moth was a bit fidgety.

I think it's a Plume Moth but exactly which one of the order Pterophoridae it is remains unknown.

It measured about 2.4cm wingtip to wingtip.

UPDATE: A bit of research has been undertaken and it's possible this Plume Moth is Wheeleria spilodactylus which was introduced from Europe to control the weed Horehound.

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Not sure about this one. It might be Hednota sp. It was about 1.5cm in resting position.
Crambidae : Crambinae

I'm off to check moth No. 3.
Wingtip to wingtip, it measured around 2cm.
Another Geometrid perhaps.

UPDATE: It's possible this moth is a variation of Scopula perlata.
Geometridae : Sterrhinae

So far this season, I have photographed two similar yet different forms of the moth pictured above. I will put them all together on their own page shortly.


Duncan said...

We all seem to be getting Plume Moths JL, intriguing little creatures.

Boobook said...

What a coincidence. I found this moth photo today and it looks very like yours.

Gouldiae said...

Wow JL, that first one is an odd looking thing.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Duncan, Boobook and Gouldiae.

This is my first Plume Moth sighting and I was stoked to find it.

I cannot find an Australian version of Pterophorus penctadactyla, a European Plume Moths which is similar to this one.

They are such delicate moths

Denis Wilson said...

Yes Plume Moths are very interesting creatures. I have only ever seen a few around my porch light too.
Boobook's image is spectacular.

Junior Lepid said...

For some reason, Google is rejecting Boobook's link for me. :-(

Denis, this was my first experience with a Plume. I just shudder at the times I may have walked right past one in the past.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi JL,
I realise it is an image Boobook located, not her photo. None-the-less it is a good reference.
I just copied and pasted the link into my browser.

Junior Lepid said...

That's what I did Denis - and Google told me it couldn't be found! :-(

I've noticed Google has been very slow lately - for me at least.

I will keep trying. :-)