Friday, 31 October 2008

Lacewings (and Friend!)

Here are some insects coming to the light during my mothing adventures.


(Click images to enlarge)

I think this is an Owlfly. If it's not an Owlfly, then it has to be an Antlion! :-)
It was 3.5cm in length.

UPDATE: This is an Antlion. Thanks to 'outside help'. I appreciate the correction.

ORDER: Neuroptera
Family: Myrmeleontidae

I think this is one of our native cockroaches.


Duncan said...

Great photos JL, I had a lot of those cockies come in last night too.

Mosura said...

Nice stuff there! I reckon that's an Owlfly with those clubbed antennae but I've never seen one myself. Don't get them down here.

Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Duncan and Mosura,

They are certainly on the move, Duncan. Back to winter here, so no mothing last night! :-(

Mosura, I think it's an Owl. Once again, very little in the way of good images on the net to help with actual ID. It blew me away when it opened its wings.