Sunday, 27 July 2008

Small And Silver

I first found this striking little moth on a young Black Wattle the other day, but do you think I could capture a sharp photo of it? No!

All of 1cm in length, it's wing colour was silver. Not grey - but pure silver!

On Friday, I noticed another one (well, it may have been the same one, who would know!) on the outside of my kitchen window which faces south, so the tones of this image are somewhat bluish.

I have absolutely no idea what it is. More than likely, it's very common and a world-wide pest!

I searched various families, including Hypertrophids, Epermeniids and Yponomeutids to no avail. Of course, the likelihood of it not belonging to any of those families is rather high!

If anyone knows what it is, step up to the plate, please! :-)

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