Friday, 4 July 2008

A Sign Of The Times?

Winter was the time I could safely put away all weapons of mass destruction where flies, particularly blowflies, were concerned. Not so this year!

I hate these little mongrels with a passion and had to execute one who managed to bulldoze its way inside this morning.

I will point the finger at my neighbour who allowed the decomposing bodies of three sheep, probably victims of bad weather a few weeks ago, to lie in state for a week near our boundary fence!

This is probably Calliphora stygia - Common Brown Blowfly.

Anyone else having fly problems in the middle of winter?


Mosura said...

Must have been a big blowie if it bulldozed its way into the house :-)

At least you a photo.

..... breaks into Song

Junior Lepid said...

Well, you know how persistent they can be, mosura! They want to get through the door before you do! :-)

Gouldiae said...

G'day JL,
A mozzie or two here in Gippsland, but no blowies thankfully. Perhaps Boobook has some up in Airlie Beach, lucky duck!

Junior Lepid said...

I just thought it was quite unusual for the middle of winter, Gouldiae. I didn't have to worry about closing the flyscreen doors during winter in years past.

The only insects I cannot abide are flies.

Oh - and mosquitos!! :-)