Thursday, 15 May 2008

Salticid And Sparassid

Yesterday, I found this tiny Salticid darting around on the leaf. It was possibly in the process of constructing a single thread bridge from one leaf to others. There were threads just visible this morning, but I couldn't find the spider.

I think this one may be Maratus sp.

This poor little Huntsman was exposed when I removed a piece of canvas to pack away.
Approximately 1.5cm in body length, I think it's Neosparassus sp - possibly calligaster (previously Olios calligaster) I've learnt with many invertebrate species, there seems to be constant arguments about genus/species.
I had no intention of upending this model to see if it had a black patch underneath the abdomen, so the arguments may rage on!

Confirmed: Neosparrasus calligaster

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