Sunday, 18 May 2008

Another Hepialid (?)

We were lucky to receive 26mm rain over the past few days, but this was the only moth I saw last night.

Approximately 6cm in length, it had interesting markings on the wings but I have had difficulty finding close matches on any of my moth websites.

I apologise for the distracting shadow, but the moth was in a difficult position to photograph well.

I have constructed an observation jar (a large one) and if this species turns up again tonight, I'll try and get a close look at the hindwing.

It's possbily Oxycanus sp.

I would welcome a comment from any lepidopterists correcting me, if I am wrong with my identification.

(Click image to enlarge)

UPDATE: Again, likely to be Oxycanus antipoda.


Duncan said...

Only 9 mm of rain here in Gippsland Jenny, very few moths in to the light. Cold and a full moon didn't help.

Junior Lepid said...

Nothing here last night, Duncan and it wasn't too cold.

We are desperate for more rain with most farmers dry sowing (although the 26mm will see to germination.)

I hope we won't be singing "Where Have All The Moths Gone" for very long !!