Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rain = More Hepialids

(Although it's still too dark outside to take the measurement, we had some rain overnight.)

There were a number of this species of Hepialid out and about last night. Many came inside, several attached to me. They were carefully captured and taken out into darkness via the front door.

These particular moths were slightly smaller in length (approximately 3cm) although a couple were larger.

Distinguishing features on this moth was the bright yellow antennae and the appearance of a longer abdomen protruding at rest. The hindwing was yellowish/brown.

If I am correct and this moth belongs to the Oxycanus family, then it would appear the moth photographed may have been anxious to breed.

For instance, Oxycanus antipoda females apparently deposit eggs in flight onto vegetation close to the ground.

Hepialids generally have a small window in which to breed. About 24 hours.

UPDATE: Likely to be Oxycanus antipoda


Duncan said...

The heps were out and about here too, half a dozen at our place and a dozen at my mate's, they picked their time well, nice rain.

Junior Lepid said...

15mm of gentle rain overnight with mild conditions, Duncan. We needed it!

I'm finding it interesting that only one Hepialid species seems to emerge at a time. No others. I'm pleased to have found 3 with different wing patterns so far this year.