Thursday, 10 April 2008


I'm not sure which genus this Salticid belongs to. It may be Opisthoncus.

Around 1cm in length and a smooth abdomen.

The jumping spider I assume to be the male, has a decent pair of fangs, visible in both photos.

There is a white trinangular marking on the head.

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Let's see if this link works!

Image 20 on the "Unknown" list is very similar, if not the same.


Gaye said...

What a fabulous photo !!

These two males appear to be sizing each other up ready for battle, don't they.....wonders if there was a female nearby?



Junior Lepid said...

Thanks Gaye,

I visited the tree a number of times yesterday to see if I could find them again, but no luck!

There was a difference in size so I imagine the smaller one (at the top of the photos) was a younger version.

There is a site showing a very similar Salticid which hasn't been identified. I tried to place the link but it didn't work. It was from Life Unseen.

Thank you for your nice welcome at Scribbly, by the way.

Junior Lepid said...

I've managed to get a link to LifeUnseen up today. it's working for me. I hope it works for others.

"Unknown 20"on the page is the similar Salticid.