Thursday, 19 February 2009

February Moths - 2

Weather conditions have not been particularly favourable for any mothing since my last entry, because of the southerly winds. At least there has been a break in the stifling heat and up until this morning, a bit of an Autumn feel around the place. To be perfectly frank, I've not felt much like blogging. Victoria's devastating fire tragedy has given me more than myself to think about.

Here are a few from Tuesday night - the first with almost no breeze for a couple of weeks.

(Click images to enlarge)

No. 1
Syringoseca rhodoxantha

OECOPHORIDAE : Oecophorinae

No. 2
A couple of shots showing detail of abdomen and hindwing
plus white marking under the eye of Spectrotrota fimbrialis (I think)

PYRALIDAE : Epipaschiinae

No. 3

This has to be a Tineid - Edosa sp. maybe, because of the way
it was racing all over the sheet, typical of Tineid behaviour when they land, apparently.


No. 4

Probably Stenoptilia zophodactylus (thanks, Donald)

This species of Plume Moth has a wingspan of around 1cm.



Bennyboymothman said...

Another nice selection of Moths and great pictures and information.

The weather here is just starting to become much better for Mothing in the past week or two.

I haven't seen much on the devastation occuring over your side of the world lately, are the fires dying down?? I really hope so!

all the best.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Ben,

Not all the fires are out yet, but at the time of writing, no property is being threatened. That situation could change with a wind change. We need a lot of rain in this state, but it's just not happening.

208 dead and millions and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed.

Fauna losses will be immense, including inverts and reptiles.

I'm keeping an eye on your blog. It will be interesting comparing similar species.