Thursday, 28 August 2008


Sorry folks, no sightings so far!

I was just going through my records from August last year and noted I saw my first Vanessa kershawi (Australian Painted Lady) on the 22nd August last year. Vanessa itea (Yellow Admiral) on the 30th August. Some small blues and Pieris rapae were seen around the 27th August, 2007

The butterflies are a bit slow off the mark here this year.

Perhaps September will be more favourable!


Mosura said...

Only see a few here. We've had real spring weather the last two days. Got to 15 degrees yesterday - the warmest we've has for yonks. 12 degrees already today and it's only 10:30.

Junior Lepid said...

Mosura, the main objective of this Blog is to log sightngs, not only the lepids, but other invertebrates as well.

I might actually drop a can of spent baked beans shortly! :-)

I'm monitoring climate change here and end results and so far, the data is a bit of a worry.

It may get better. Who knows!

Duncan said...

Saw a couple of cabbage whites today JL.

Junior Lepid said...

I was - um - doing a bit of fencing yesterday, Duncan :-) and it was a nice day here.

Still no butterflies, but I have three pairs of Woodies in the paddock near the dam! :-)